The Little One Bar

Jan van Lieshoutstraat 26, Eindhoven

The Little One Bar. Lees verder

Spacious is not a word that describes The Little One. Eindhovens oldest (a listed monument) and smallest pub is located in the centre of the city, just off the market square. 30 people+ and it's pleasantly crowded. What it lacks in space it makes up for in character. Unlike many pubs/cafes these days it has no flashing led light, no karaoke, no blaring music. What it does have is atmosphere!!, a great barman, fine cocktails & a selection of malt whisky that woud make the most avid of collectors jealous. The clientele is very mixed, young/old, locals/visitors, a real potpourri of people. Anything & everything (Lots of!) adorns its walls & roof for that matter. Musical instruments, farming implements, undergarments, non-paying clients, stuffed animals, etc. If you fancy a nice cocktail ask for a 'Blessing Paul', if that doesn't tickle your fancy ask the barman to create one especially for you. For the daring ask for a 'F**king Willie''ve been warned! A definite must if you are in Eindhoven, take your camera along. Web: Facebook: Instagram: Foursquare:

  • Nederlands - Belgisch
  • Bar (na)borrelen
  • Cash
  • Jan van Lieshoutstraat

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