Dragster Jeans

Nieuwe Emmasingel 32, Eindhoven

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As the Jeansmaker we love to make jeans. Let us tell you about our journey, actually our life with denim; a constant search of new inspiration, a hunger which makes us chase for creative fuel to keep the engine running. When people speak about denim in general it always has to be based on something else or new then the others. But how do we distinguish ourselves from the others, knowing that actually the key is in the detail. Designing, cutting, sewing, washing and finishing, all hands-on tactile work. All this to crumple the jeans into the desired look. Remaining the question how you translate this into something new, that is actual the art! Denim is history. Us working with major global brands, developing and producing the nicest garments for years gave us the key; knowledge. The more knowledge you have, the better you get. Transforming plain fabrics to defined products, that is the knowledge and skills we are talking about. Besides these running businesses we had a dream and that dream was to have our own brand, a brand to put all our love and knowledge in. In 2012 we had the opportunity to make this dream come true, we bought the in 2002 established brand Dragster. We gave it all our knowledge, tender love and care, made it strong, pumping our blue blood true it's veins, which will make it even stronger in the future. Ladies and gentlemen, we are humble enough to say that; WE are the difference, we are DRAGSTER! Soon in stores close to you,.

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